Mayarya Pregnancy Boutique – Maternal but Not Matronly!


It seems that when you’re pregnant, you’re to-do list suddenly seems a mile long and there is a very real deadline to get it all done. However, once that joyful little drooling bundle appears, all you want to do is curl up on the couch and toss those to-do’s out the window! Well, we have a discovered a shop that helps make one of those items on your list easier to accomplish. Meet Mayarya, the maternity store that is so much more than what you may think!


I popped over to Mayarya at the point where I was nearly ready to pop myself (38 weeks!). Instead of schlepping my huge self over using a taxi or public transport, I was picked up outside my front door by Mayarya’s private car service and dropped off directly in front of the shop, where the gorgeous owner Reika Shetty greeted me. She explained to me that she had started the store because she had found maternity shopping in HK to be quite challenging and wanted to make it a more pleasant experience for other moms to be. Well, that she did!

While we chatted, I sipped on coconut water and dined on pastries from Amanda B’s. She walked me around the shop and showed me her favourite lines and the special touches that make her store unique. One perk is a room where you can feed and change your little one so you don’t have to panic when those tiny cries start to erupt. There is also a huge comfy couch for you or your better half to take a load off if needed!


After being shown the range of clothing I was left wondering why I had not come in sooner! There was a fantastic offering of pieces that you can wear both during and after pregnancy, giving you more bang for your buck. These included caftans, wrap dresses, leather leggings and some very sexy rouched dresses. I loved the vast selection of high quality denim including J Brand, Paige, James Jeans and Isabella Oliver, with great shorts and skirts for the warmer months ahead. Also, I was taken with the lingerie available that was far more glam than I had seen at other shops! When everything is changing around you it is still nice to feel and dress like you along the journey!


While pregnant, I had a hard time finding a few basic items that you may take for granted pre-baby. One of these was workout apparel that I could wear out in public. Mayarya has you sorted with several options of tops and leggings. Another tricky find was suitable pajamas as mine all seemed to get very short and very tight in a short amount of time! Not only are the pj’s soft and wonderfully feminine, but many feature nursing straps so those 4am feedings become a lot easier (except for the fact that it’s 4am!)


I also found the task of buying a swimsuit quite daunting for a Bali babymoon we had planned. Now I know that I could have just gone here and stocked up on cute suits including one very hot red bikini! Plus, the gorgeous caftans and floaty dresses can help you stay covered in case you aren’t feeling like the fittest physique on the beach! These would also come in handy if you happen to be pregnant during the never-ending HK summer.


Some of the clothing also featured hidden panels and zip up seams to make nursing a breeze. These pieces could be great for the office, allowing you to pump at work without having to worry about undressing. One crafty piece was a green water-resistant army jacket that featured a hood on the inside to cover your baby’s head when you’re wearing an Ergo or Bjorn. Later, you can unfasten the hood and just have the coat for you… until baby number two that is!


The range of diaper bags was the best that I’ve seen in Hong Kong, actually resembling handbags. My favourite was a leather-look backpack that is perfect for the hipster parent on the go! It even includes a removable clutch for those times when you need to dash out the door sans kid and don’t want to take apart the whole bag to do so.


If you’re laid out with morning sickness, in confinement or just don’t have time to leave your little ones, the fantastic staff at Mayarya will even come to you. Just let them know what you’re in need of and what size you are and they will bring the shop to your home. Talk about convenience! They can also open the store early or close late in case your working hours don’t coincide with their normal operating hours. This is a shop that truly cares about your comfort and experience, so let Mayarya come to your wardrobe rescue and turn your to-do’s into to-done’s!

Mayarya Pregnancy Boutique 

Sheung Wan location: G/F, 26 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 2968 0929

Stanley location: Shop 104, 1/F, Stanley Plaza, Stanley, Hong Kong, 2968 0939 

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Alice + Olivia SS14


As soon as I walked in the door at the Alice & Olivia SS14 preview I was hooked. They didn’t even “have me at hello”… they had me at the first breath of the letter H! Alice & Olivia is still pretty new to the HK scene (though founded in 2002), and with each season that passes I fall a little more in love with this brand! Could it be the materials and cuts that draw me in, or is it the whimsical prints and eye popping colours that set my heart aflame? There is just something about this brand that I can’t seem to pry my eyes away from! Take a look at what is in store for Spring Summer’14 and see if we can figure it out together…

Basically Beautiful

black and white 1

You simply cannot go wrong with basic black and white. Designer Stacey Bendet of Alice & Olivia brings us this tried and true combo, adding a little edge and glamour to the staples. Check out the embellishments, cutouts, and ombre… gorgeous! I was immediately taken with the sequin wide leg striped pants. How chic would these be with little more than a silky white button down and a sleek black pump? Then I turned my eyes toward this black and white long gown with sexy little cutouts on the waist – perfect for showing off how hard you have been working out! We are all still sticking with our New Years Resolutions, right? If not, try the shorter version, which boasts the idea of a cut out but is really just two sneaky dark panels that visually nip in your waist!

black and white 2

Also, on the B&W scene is this gorgeous gradient gown, which would look equally fantastic with an up do for an evening out as it would with a denim jacket for a girly brunch. For an on-point look, slip into these coordinates which every designer seems to be showcasing for the season ahead! Or if you prefer just a little punch of graphic goodness then you can try your tootsies in these pointed pumps or flats! 

Lovely & Ladylike 


Perhaps my love for A+O springs forth from the abundant girly-ness that the collection boasts. Somewhere deep down in every grown woman is the memory of twirling in your mother’s heels while wearing your favourite “spin-y dress”. You can have that same lighthearted feeling when you change into one of these charming creations. The lace detailing, peplums, and bows are ever so lady-like! This button down blue and white embroidered peplum top fuses girly charm with ladylike elegance. Pair it with light blue skinny denim jeans rolled up at the cuff and a pair of Tom’s to take on an afternoon of errand running in style and comfort!

Put Your Best Face Forward


Ok… here is the real reason that I am head over heels for Alice & Olivia SS14! How can you not love a collection that is looking back at you with such love? Little faces and plump pouts adorn look after look! How easily a grey Monday could be cheered up just by peering down and seeing these little heart shaped faces staring up from your feet.

Seriously though, I can’t stop thinking about this lippy print cardi and have already put it on my Spring wish list (do you all make those too?). Layered under a blazer, or belted with a pencil skirt, those lush little lips make their own statement. I would love to couple it with this voluminous ball gown skirt and be the talk of the town! A simpler way to face the trend is to match this white sleeveless top with a pair of ankle skimming black cigarette pants and a little loafer – very Audrey approved, as it is quite the funny face!


The look that really catches my eye is this artistic print white dress. If you look closely at the hem you will even see a little monkey hiding in the folds!


Are you completely smitten now too? It’s hard not to crave something from this collection as it is so uplifting and lighthearted. Perhaps that is why celebs like Drew Barrymore, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Katy Perry are fans of this brand! When clothing makes you smile you can take on the week feeling like everyday is Friday! If ever you are feeling blue, pop into the IFC shop and let the wonderland of  Alice & Olivia overcome you, it might just change your tune!

Alice + Olivia  Shop 3078B, Level 3, ifc mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong
  2234 7253

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Sassy’s Super Styler- Sarah Rutson of Lane Crawford

sarah rutson super styler DCG

She’s one of the hottest faces to snap at fashion weeks worldwide- meet Sarah Rutson, Fashion Director of Lane Crawford! I had the pleasure of shooting with Ms. Rutson around the IFC LC shop a few weeks ago. We chatted clothing, kids, and pets as we roamed around the shop snapping away! Read all about her style and how she got to the top over at Sassy Hong Kong!


sarah rutson super styler jeans

sarah rutson super styler shoes

sarah rutson super styler things

sarah rutson super styler skirt

sarah rutson super styler black shoes

sarah rutson super styler blue jacket

sarah rutson super styler blue

sarah rutson super styler black heel

sarah rutson super styler smiley faces

sarah rutson super styler flowers

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The Sanctuary- The Perfect Pregnancy Package for Moms-to-Be!

Pregnancy package

Being pregnant can often cause you to feel like an alien in your own body. You used to be able to properly establish a cause and effect relationship between what you did and how you felt. After reading that plus sign on the stick, it seems that things just happen and the only explanation is“Oh, you’re pregnant!”. Your body very much takes on a life of its own and things are changing at an astonishing speed! During this time, it’s important to try and reconnect with what you once knew to be yourself. This is why a place like The Sanctuary is essential to your pregnancy line up. The practitioners here can offer you guidance, support, and tips for working through the ups and downs of your new life adventure via their Perfect Pregnancy Package! I recently waddled on over to the Arbuthnot Road location to try out all the goodies on offer and have been riding high ever since!

I booked several sessions in one day as a way of relaxing and indulging on my baby and me! First up was a morning prenatal yoga session with Charlotte and two other mommas-to-be. The mats in the room all faced each other, which promoted a warm, connected feeling, while windows wrapped around the room to offer beautiful views of Central. There were a variety of pillows and bolsters to use as needed throughout the practice. The session very much focused onbringing mom and baby together and it was so nice to feel him kick as I breathed through the modified poses. Charlotte is a mother herself so she was able to talk us through our pregnancy woes from her own experience and if I can be half as fit as she is (pre or post baby), then sign me up! I’m thinking a few more yoga sessions may be required of me though (two are included in the package).


Post yoga I sat down with Charlotte as she taught me what homeopathy is and how it can be used throughout the pregnancy. She sat as I listed off my pregnancy symptoms and concerns and then thoughtfully addressed each, suggesting remedies here and there are she saw fit. My main issues were nausea, vomiting and indigestion (glamorous, I know) so she suggested I try taking Ipecac and Chelidonium. It turns out that what makes you sick can also make you better when taken in miniscule amounts. The remedies are all-natural and pose no harm to baby (the worst that can happen is that they are ineffective). After tossing my cookies at least three times a week throughout the entire pregnancy I was willing to try anything! The remedies are given in a tiny pinhead-sized sugar ball that dissolve on your tongue, so even those that hate swallowing pills can take them with ease. Charlotte also offers a pre and postnatal homeopathy kit that contains anything you might need for healing and helping with breast-feeding for $650. It comes with a little book that explains how to use the remedies and, when in doubt, you can always email Charlotte for more guidance!

After my homeopathy session, I rounded out the day with a prenatal massage with Jenny. She talked to me first about my specific ailments (lower back please!) and then concentrated on them. The massage was done while I laid on my side, belly on a bolster, and legs slightly separated. Jenny moved through the areas that needed attention and I was left melting into the bed in a state of pure bliss! I wish baby was as soothed by the treatment as I was but he kicked the whole time (kids… what are you gonna do!)


The following week I returned for a hypnotherapy session with Fiona. These are typically used to guide you in self-hypnotizing so as to relax you through the birthing process. I have had several friends that have used this technique and were able to go drug free through delivery while others used it as an additional form of pain management with an epidural adding further assistance. Even if you are on the books for a scheduled C you can use the techniques to relax you pre-surgery and during the pain management afterwards.

The calming presence of Fiona herself was remarkable! After chatting for a few minutes about my fears and pregnancy concerns, I lay down on a table and covered myself with a blanket. From there, she guided me as I focused on different points, slowly becoming more and more relaxeduntil I honestly couldn’t tell which arm was which and felt like I had actually become one with the bed beneath me. I had told her beforehand that I have a fear of needles and tend to pass out whenever blood is drawn. She pinched my arm in the spot the needle would hit to the point where I told her it hurt and told me she would do the same once I was “under”. The first pinch hurt while the second I noticed and knew it was happening, but never really bothered me. She later told me that she had pinched me much harder the second time and, judging by the nail marks on my arm that evening, she was right! The best part is that the entire session was recorded and emailed to me! I have been listening to it every night via headphones as I fall asleep. Not only have I beensleeping more deeply but also I have been able to take the prescribed shots since with significantly more ease at my doctor appointments!


The only session I was not able to try was the Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy as I was too far along in the pregnancy. This treatment helps to align your uterus and pelvis, making sure baby is in the optimal position to be carried. This can help to alleviate the aches and pains associated with pregnancy and can even help bring a smoother and faster delivery!

Without a doubt I would recommend this package to all my preggo friends! The Sanctuaryprovides a space where you can speak freely about your concerns and the trials associated with pregnancy and provides many all-natural options to help remedy them. The environment issupportive and nurturing and I was left feeling connected and far more in awe of my body and what it was creating. In a crazy city like Hong Kong where we are always on the go and onto the next thing, it is important to schedule time to bring you back to your center and reconnect with what is truly important — especially when you’re busy creating a new little life!

The Sanctuary Prenatal Pregnancy Package: $3,988

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri, 9:30am-7pm, Saturday, 10am-5pm, Sunday by special arrangement only

The Sanctuary, 29/F, Unit 2905, Universal Trade Centre, 3-5A Arbuthnot Road, Central, Hong Kong,

Read this and more over at Sassy Hong Kong

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H&M SS14 – Fab Festival Wear for All!

DSCF3621web DCG

Do you remember last season when I wanted to put together a band and do a world tour decked out in the H&M FW13 line?! Well, instead of being in the band, this season I think we should become festival junkies and waft from one stage to the next in search of love, peace, and all that is free-spirit fab! Start making your floral crowns, ladies, because H&M’s Spring/Summer 2013 Collection is all about the boho!


Every seasoned festival-goer needs a bit of embellishment on their attire! From fringe to tassels and ruffles to rhinestones, H&M makes sure that your outfit can sway to the beat with you! I loved this denim tunic, which would take you from bellowing along to your fave hits at a festival to HK brunching with ease. I’m also a fan of these OTT jeans, which will give you all the flair of a crafty DIYer but without all the hard work!


However, the must-have on our list is this wild fringe top (…or more of a mini dress depending on your height!); take the risk of looking like an extra on Sesame Street for all the boho beauty that comes along with wearing this! I’m seeing a messy topknot and some little black ankle boots for a look that will surely get you backstage with the bands.


For those that want to take their look to the max, slip into one of these beautiful floaty numbers. These long looks will make you feel instantly the lady and pair perfectly with an armful of wildflowers – toss them in the air and feel free as your dress dances around you!


I have already declared my undying love for this pale pink lacy number and will be buying it as soon as it hits stores on March 6th! Coachella here I come!


You never know when the skies may turn and you need something a bit heartier to keep you going through the gig! Toss on one of these cool coats to match the vibe and nix the chill; the embroidery, cut outs and prints will have you looking like a California dream, even if it feels like a winter’s day!


Every haute hippie knows that accessories are the key to completing a look – which is why you should pile on these pieces that look like they may have been handed down to you from a cool aunt… She can recount her Woodstock days as you Whatsapp your besties to plan out your festival festivities!


I am obsessed with these sandy-hued, knee-high, flat suede boots and could see myself jumping up on stage just to show them off to the crowd below!

Hong Kong’s festival scene is on the rise so I suggest stocking up on all these fresh looks from H&M, ready for them; all the goodies you see will hit stores here on 6 March 2014. Even if you aren’t one for hitting the festivals, then you can still feel free and fun wandering around town in these threads – even if the only tunes you hear are coming from your iPhone! Peace out!

See all H&M locations in Hong Kong here. Read more goodies like this over at Sassy Hong Kong

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A Shot I did of Angie Ng Appears in Prestige Lifestyle Magazine

Angie Ng by Sabrina Sikora Photography

The flawless Angie Ng was just listed as one on Hong Kong’s Top 10 Models alongside the stunning Cara Grogan in Prestige Lifestyle 2014 Magazine.  Read all about these two beauties and the other eight lovely ladies in the mag out now!

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Top 5 Spring Trends to Try

With each new season comes a fresh batch of trends to liven up our wardrobes… and our spirits! Every February and September I eagerly stalk my Bloglovin and Instagram feeds to see what new goodies are striding down the runways. Some years the takeaways are few, but this year we are in luck!  The designers have decided to inundate us with looks that are not only fun to look at, but also flattering to wear. We’ve rounded up a few key trends for you to try, from the big brands and the high street so you can sample the season whatever your budget!



Clockwise from Top: Ports 1961, Monki, Alexander McQueen available at Joyce, Sonia Rykiel, Smythson, 3.1 Phillip Lim

Pale pink was all the rage for FW13 (see here and here) and, thankfully, it is sticking around through SS14 as well. In addition to this girly shade we are also treated with a fantastic baby blue hue. You can drape yourself from collar to calf in this relaxed Ports 1961 dress or just go for a dash of color with one of these 3.1 Phillip Lim or Smythson bags. Alexander McQueen and Sonia Rykiel each take a simple shift and make it even more feminine through the use of these two shades. Monki makes it simple to put on the pink with this oversized moto jacket, as does Topshop with this lovely lace creation.


Clockwise from Top: Ports 1961, Sonia Rykiel, Dsquared2 available at Joyce, Dries Van Noten available at Joyce



Clockwise from Left: Manish Arora available at Joyce, Proenza Schouler available at Joyce, Proenza Schouler available at Joyce, Ports 1961

Pleats have long been a classic but it’s nice to see them having such a resurgence on the fashion front. Whether they remind you of Gatsby-esque summer parties or 80s movies, they are back and more fun to wear than ever! With a range of fun prints, colors, and textures, you can work pleats into your spring look in a number of ways. Blend the pastel and pleat trends in one with the likes of Ports 1961 and Sonia Rykiel, or try something completely new with this barbed wire version from Dries Van Noten available at Joyce. Personally, I love the baboon printed midi by Dsquared2… Maybe you prefer to keep it classic and would rather slip on this black and white Proenza Schouler? If so, you may also want to check out a mighty similar skirt below from Asos!

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 12.17.36 PM

Asos Cami with Pleat DetailZara coated pleated skirtASOS Premium Pleated Midi Skirt in Colour Block



Clockwise from Top Left: Vika Gazinskaya available at Joyce, Monki, 3.1 Phillip Lim, 3.1 Phillip Lim, 3.1 Phillip Lim, 3.1 Phillip Lim

Okay, okay you got me… this is not a new one but it is just so good I have to keep coming back for more (see here,here and here!). Try several trends in one with a metallic pleated skirt like this flamingo printed version from Vika Gazinskaya or the iridescent one by Monki. If shiny skins are your thing, then 3.1 Phillip Lim has you covered with the purple sleeveless top or patchwork moto skirt (and here you only thought I raved about moto jackets)! Topshop also offers up a shiny skirt with a similar feel. Get your hands on this silver mini Pashli and up any outfit to instant icon status!

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 12.31.43 PM

Oh My Gosh asymmetric skirt by JovannaModern Tailoring silver blazer and trousersV front chiffon insert dress 



Clockwise from Top Left: John Galliano, Lanvin available at Joyce, Sonia Rykiel, Marni available at Joyce, Giambattista Valli available at Joyce

If you really want to make a statement, then compliment your look top to toe in a matchy matchy suit! Lanvin, John Galliano, and Giambattista Valli accomplish this with a blow of bold pink as 3.1 Phillip Lim leaves his print on the matter. Proenza Schouler gives us a nice knit version while Marni gives us a tropical punch!


Top Row: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Bottom Row: Proenza Schouler available at Joyce

To accomplish this look on tighter purse strings, check out the options at Topshop, Zara, and Asos below. No matter what you spend, Cher and Dion would still approve!

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 12.49.59 PM

Tophop Jacquard boyfriend coat and skirtZara striped skirtTopshop petite chateau femme crop top and shorts,ASOS Mango Blue printed pants

Modern Prints


Top Row L to R: Mary Katrantzou available at Joyce, Ports 1961, Peter Pilotto available at Joyce, Manish Arora available at Joyce, Bottom Row L to R: John Galliano, Sonia Rykiel, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Monki

Gone are the bland grays of winter. Spring/summer is a time to shine as bright as the sun and you can blind all those around with an array of dizzying prints! Mary Katrantzou turns a simple sundress into a smash with a print reminiscent of HK apartment buildings, while Ports 1961 takes a sundress literally and puts a sunset right on it! Peter Pilotto and John Galliano insist that you stand out in their creations.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 1.47.07 PM

If going all out is too much for you to bear then snatch up one of these Manish Arora clutches for a palatable pop of print. To create this look on a dime pop on one of these featured below for similar print-spirations!

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 1.56.24 PM

Topshop satin jacket by GoldieTopshop jungle wrap dress by BoutiqueZara flower print shift dressTopshop orchid mirror bodycon dressTopshop mirror cat tube skirt

Incorporate a little or a lot – the choice is up to you! Now you are sorted with a top five round up on how to look on-trend and super fab for the coming warm weather months. Hopefully, you have found a look here you love. Remember that you don’t have to always follow trends… it’s better to wear what you love and feel good in, but isn’t it wonderful when these all blend into one? Hopefully with this guide you can spring into something that is totally you!

List of Hong Kong store locations:

3.1 Phillip Lim  3 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
  2113 0311

Ports 1961  555 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
  2831 8940

Ports 1961  3 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
  2905 1961

Smythson  Harvey Nichols, Second Floor, The Landmark, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
  3695 3207

Smythson  Store 243, Level 2, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong
  2918 9100

Sonia Rykiel  11 Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong
  2525 6048

Sonia Rykiel  345 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong
  2374 1371

Sonia Rykiel  8 Argyle Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
  2808 1130

Monki  8 Argyle Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
  3585 8026

Topshop  Asia Standard Tower, 56-65 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
  2118 5353…

Zara: see all store locations in Hong Kong here

Check out Asos and John Galliano online too. Read this and more at Sassy Hong Kong! 

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How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

We all have them folded in a drawer nestled under the darks and the skinnies. We only really pull them out on “fat days” or when we are busy being crafty, but what if I told you that your old denim beaters could have new life breathed in to them? It seems that every item I’ve pinned lately has had a denim base layer – and not just any denim, it’s the tried and true variety, wrought with sags, holes and faded patches. It’s time to unearth those old jeans you’ve held onto since high school and/or steal your better half’s denim duds, because I’m about to show you how to make these patina’d beauties into something very chic.

Classic Casual



This is the perfect look for those abundant Hong Kong holidays when the city empties out and the mid afternoon lattes are in full force. While the fab females above mostly sport heels, I’ve decided to pair some Topshop Hayden jeans with chic flats from 3.1 Phillip Lim. After all, our feet deserve a holiday too! Go basic on top with an easy, breezy silk button down. This one is by Rag & Bone but I suggest you shop local and snag a few from Vaughan, and you may as well have them monogrammed while you’re at it!

classic casual

CHANEL LE VERNIS Nail ColourFOREVER 21 Blue Print Nail PolishRag & Bone Boyd Silk ShirtASOS Wide Brim Felt Fedora HatTOPSHOP MOTO Hayden Rip And Repair JeansMarc by Marc Jacobs Hail To The Queen Elizabeth textured-leather tote3.1 Phillip Lim Monochrome Devon D’Orsay FlatsAurelie Bidermann Peace RingGorjana Shimmer Disk Ring SetElizabeth and James Summa 4 Finger Ring

Top the look with a big black fedora, and while I’m all about more is more for jewellery, I love the delicate rings that have popped up this past season. The best part is that you can pile on a few without looking overdone – The9thMusehas loads in stock so you can try the trend with ease! Try these dainty dazzlers with a short dark mani – a blue hue will compliment your denim. You can go high end with Chanel or affordable with Forever 21, and either way you are right on trend. Now you have a no fuss look to take you to the flower market or maybe just down the road for another iced mocha!

Weekend Chic

weekend2 copyweekend1 copy

As we all know, denim can take you just about everywhere. You can dress it up and down, but I prefer somewhere in between! This is a look that leaves you looking quite cool while still wandering around in total comfort… that is if you consider this shoe comfortable! These H&M jeans work as a blank slate to pile on the fun with!

weekend chic

ASOS iPhone 5 Case with Blah Blah Slogan, Clover Canyon Blue Geometric Print BlazerBrian Lichtenberg Féline cotton T-shirtMAC DangerousTOPSHOP 60s Oval SunglassesH&M Boyfriend Slim Jeanskate spade new york “Sparkler Glow” Statement Necklace, 18″Mila 3 Lattice Heels Sophia Webster3.1 Phillip Lim The Pashli medium leather trapeze bag

Start with a fashion forward shirt, which you can pick up at Lab Concept. Then top that with a statement jacket – I am head over heels for this Clover Canyon one! Stack on a few striking accessories and grab a tote that’s hearty enough to haul it all and you are set for a shop sesh’ with the girls. The glasses can be scored at Topshop or you can find a range of very cool, similar pairs at vintage hotspot Select 18 on Bridges Street. Pair this look with a great flat for day tripping and then lace up these killer Sophia Webster lattice heels for when happy hour comes a calling!

Date Night Denims



It is possible to make these babies into a date-worthy look! I picked the slimmer fit version to show off a little more of your lovely lady shape. Glam up the jeans with a relaxed but ritzy Donna Karen sequin blazer for a touch of pizazz. You can even just toss it over your shoulders if you want to show a little more skin! Now that the slip trend is back, after about a 10-year hiatus (welcome!), we can add this flirty little lingerie inspired cami to the mix. Plus, it’s in this year’s hottest shade – blush! Speaking of blush, Mac can perfect your rosy glow with just a sweep of pink powder…

date night denims

Spring 2014 Shu Uemura Calligraph ink Collectionbastia hair clips | Oroton Luxury AccessoriesDonna Karan Sequined jersey jacketBy Malene Birger Niharika stretch-silk and georgette camisoleASOS Moon Long Medallion NecklacePANDORA Charm – Sterling Silver Big Ben LondonLinks of London Sterling Silver Alphabet Charm, KPull & Bear Ripped Skinny JeansBCBG Romi Tiger Head Minaudiere ClutchM·A·C ‘Mineralize’ BlushRupert Sanderson High Heel Pumps

For the eyes, allure him with a winged look that wows! Shu Uemura Caligriph:ink will perfect your point with ease (I am truly addicted!). While on the point… try these sexy snake pointed pumps from Rupert Sanderson on for size. Add a sweet and simple necklace made from charms that are special to you. This moon necklace from Asos is a great base! Then add charms that tell your story like this Big Ben one from Pandora or your initials from Links of London.


You can find boyfriend jeans in just about every shop in town and for every price point, so there’s no reason not to scoop up a pair for yourself! There are numerous styling options for these comfy keepers so let your imagination run wild. The best part is that these jeans just get better and better looking as they age – how I wish that was true for so many other things! Just remember to always roll up the cuff once or twice to perfect the look. Looking forward to seeing you around town wrapped in your new bf – boyfriend jeans that is!


Read this and more over at Sassy Hong Kong!

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Club Monaco SS14- Calm, Cool, and Collected

dcg clud monaco ss14

Here in Hong Kong we are always looking for clothes that keep us looking calm, cool, and collected – even if we’re feeling anything but in the Hong Kong heat! Club Monaco pleases us yet again with its Spring/Summer 2014 Collection, which is stuffed full of instant classics that do just that. Let’s take a peek at what is hitting CM stores in the coming months…

florals 1

First up to keep you looking pretty while propelling around town are a fresh cut of floral picks! Let this bevvy of bouquet-inspired beauties bring a smile to everyone you pass on the streets… After all, nothing says spring like this girly print.

florals 2

You can even incorporate the pleat trend with this ice-cream coloured sheer midi skirt. If you’d rather show off how hard you’ve been working out all winter long, then grace your gams with these blooming shorts instead!

bw 1

Another classic that has revived itself in the trend stakes is the classic crispness of black and white – so you can get dressed in a blink knowing everything you have coordinates perfectly. We love this black and white dress, which subtly contours the body shrinking your silhouette in an instant! How clever, Club Monaco!


An easy way to update any look is to toss on a pair of bright white shoes. We raved about how wonderful white was for winter already here but its true BFF is the summer sun!


Club Monaco revamps a few other iconic pieces this season. The classic trench, perfect for those drippy spring days, has had a bit of a makeover; this new version is a casual cool vest perfect for throwing on over a myriad of outfits! Your go-to denim shirt has been reworked into a sleeveless version, which would look great belted over a white dress or even tossed over a bikini for a day of beach fun.

However, my favourite has to be the return of the overalls! Flattering on no-one but with comfort to spare, CM actually makes these look cool! Pair them with a buttoned-up, crisp, white Oxford shirt and a pair of sky-high heels for instant style stalker status.


Want something even more cutting edge than these tried-and-true classics? How about trying these techno-inspired pieces?! Let the craftsmanship of today turn your basics into modern marvels thanks to cool laser-cutting techniques. Now you can wear a familiar shape with a distinctly new feel – may the future of fashion be now!

So thanks again Club Monaco for providing us with the key elements of a wardrobe that fits our busy lives whilst still keeping us looking chic! Feel free to try a trend and know that you won’t end up looking like a fashion victim, as CM gives you just the right amount flash to shine without burning too bright. Here’s to a summer of calm cool comfort!

See all Club Monaco stores in Hong Kong hereRead this and more over at Sassy Hong Kong!  

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Sabrina’s Guide to Maternity Dressing in Hong Kong Part 2- Dressing It Up!


Click here to read part one of Sabrina’s guide to maternity dressing in Hong Kong!

Ask any lady with a bump on board to name her fave item of maternity clothing and I’ll bet she’ll tell you it’s the pair of leggings with a big stretchy panel that pretty much reaches her bra! While they may be ok for layering and lounging, there are times when you need to amp up your look to take on the town! Just because you are cooking up a kid doesn’t mean you can’t have a night out too (although I bet you are home a bit earlier than in those pre-preggers days!). I showed you some ideas for how to rock maternity style casually so now let’s see some inspo for when you need to be a bit more glam! Without further ado, I bring you part two of my guide to maternity style!

The printed dress from day to night

print dressweb

Left: Dress, Topshop; Blazer, BCBG; Boots, Sambag; Bag, Kate Spade; Necklaces, Topshop and Zara
Centre left: Dress, ASOS Maternity; Blazer, BCBG; Shoes, Nine West; Bag, c/o Anya Hindmarch; Necklace, Caty Jewelry
Centre right: Dress ASOS Maternity; Coat, vintage; Boots, Sambag; Bag, 3.1 Phillip Lim; Belt and necklace, c/o Marks & Spencer; Sunglasses, Carrera c/o Safilo
Right: Dress, Forever 21; Bag, Chanel; Shoes, Nine West

Never one to shy away from colour and prints, I found the same credo held true for my pregnancy style. When the bump was small, I opted for stretchy dresses from Topshop, H&M,and Forever 21; as my size increased, I moved on over to the ASOS Maternity line.

I didn’t want to spend a lot on clothing to wear during this time, for several reasons:

1) You stretch things out without even meaning to;
2) You rub your belly all day long, pilling the fabric;
3) You wear the same items again and again as your wardrobe shrinks, so the thought of having to wear the same stuff once baby arrives is kind of depressing… you just want to wear those items in your closet that have been off-limits for so long!

These simple-fitting but heavily printed dresses allowed for maximum versatility. I found that I could easily wear them to a variety of events all day and into the evening, while feeling comfortable and remaining a little stylish! As my size grew and the weather turned colder, alonger jacket was added, to camouflage my extra curves and to add warmth… win-win! I also loved the length of these dresses, as I didn’t have to worry about hemlines creeping up as a result of smuggling two people in one outfit. Even if they did rise a bit, I didn’t risk running into miniskirt territory, which is a slightly terrifying thought as a pregnant lady! After baby is here and I can properly hit the gym we will broach the subject of getting in a mini once again, but for now I will indulge in my mac ‘n’ cheese (or this Southern feast!) and not worry about the effects!

An evening out

night outweb

Left: Dress, BCBG; Necklace, Caty Jewelry; Shoes,custom-made c/o Upper Street; Bag, vintage
Centre: Top, Kate Bosworth for Topshop; Shirt, Cotton On; Boots, ℅ Marks & Spencer; Bag,Forever 21; Necklace, Golden Stella
Right: Slip (worn as dress), vintage; Tube dress (worn as slip), ASOS; Bag, Adrienne Vittadini; Shoes, Nine West

First up, I would like to point out that none of these items are maternity and I am still wearing them well into the third trimester… this equals major bang for your buck! The two long black dresses (one is actually a vintage slip) are just floaty enough to show the bump, but allow for maximum comfort when stuck at a fancy restaurant table for several hours,(seriously; can I just always have a pillow behind me when in a restaurant?!). The same rules ring true for these LBD’s (long black dresses!) – just add a few fab accessories and you are off! The aluminium foil-esque top was nice and boxy, so I joked that it even came in “size pregnant”! It felt good to wear something so on-trend while with child… even if I kind of reminded myself of a baked potato!

Don’t Forget to Have Some Fun! 

for funweb

Left: Shirt, Forever 21; Skirt, Topshop; Blazer, Zara; Bag, 3.1 Phillip Lim; Boots, Sambag
Centre left: Top, BCBG; Faux leather leggings, ASOS Maternity; Blazer, vintage; Shoes, Nine West; Scarf, vintage Celine; Necklaces, Caty Jewelry and All Things Indulgent; Bag, 3.1 Phillip Lim; Sunglasses, Carrera ℅ Safilo
Centre right: Skirt, H&M; Jacket, Zara; Belt, vintage; Bag, 3.1 Phillip Lim; Shoes, Nine West; Necklace, Tangram; Sunglasses, ℅ Ports 1961
Right: Grey blazer, BCBG; Feather jacket, Fab’rik; T-shirt, Topshop; Skirt, Cotton On; Necklace, DIY; Shoes, Nine West; Bag, Mischa

Sure, you are big, and sure, your body is changing, and sure, anyone and everyone will offer wanted (and unwanted!) advice… but remember to have a bit of fun during this time! Yes, I feel like a house right now, but I’m still wearing heels, prints, and crazy colours. Let them look! Who cares? At least the taxis can see me and will stop (for once!).

The lemon and lime colour blocking was fun (though I did feel a bit more like a watermelon than any other fruit at the supermarket!). I loved the comfort of the Topshop skirt, and paired it again later on with a denim top and fun neon belt for a weekend brunch.

The red blazer look was one I loved! The faux leather leggings are ASOS Maternity, and arenot something I would have normally tried, but I kept wearing the same leggings again and again until I felt that I needed something with the same level of comfort but with a bit more edge.When paired with a longer BCBG tunic, they hide all the bits that need hiding and lend a cool rocker vibe to the everyday.

I tried my hand at print mixing with this dots-and-stripes outfit. I have owned the pencil skirt for ten years and it worked great when hiked over the bump for a day of running around town!

Most recently, I wore the outfit on the far right to have tea with friends. The Topshop t-shirt is dressed up just enough, thanks to the addition of a pretty jacket and chunky chain necklace…but I still got away with wearing a comfy t-shirt to tea. Sneaky sneaky!

You may notice a lot of bright lipstick in these images. I found that I had no interest in doing a full face of makeup while pregnant as I was constantly sick, so a swipe of gel liner and abold-hued lippy were just the trick to looking refreshed and put together. Turbans and hats were also another go-to, as they added style to simple outfits and warmth on those chillier days(before I found a coat that closed over the bump!). There is also an abundance of heels in my maternity wardrobe, as I didn’t have the pregnancy balance issues that most books mention. The funny thing here is that I was always falling over in yoga pre-preggers, so I think the bump actually balanced me out… I can now hold tree pose like a boss, although let’s see what happens once the bun is out of the oven! Use your best judgment here – if you feel fine, wear what you like, but if you feel like you may take a header then do everyone a favour and stick to flats!

And there you have it… my guide to pregnancy style! Even though you and everything around you seems to be changing, you can still be stylish along the journey! Whether you want to wearsweat pants day after day, or rock a ball gown, you should do what you love. You are growing a human – no small task – so do what makes you happy! For me, this meant feeling like myself by wearing what I loved while I navigated this new adventure. I have a feeling that the heels and jewels will take a backseat once my boy is here and I’m in new mama mode, but you never know… I teethed on one of my mom’s best necklaces, and she still loves it –  tiny little teeth marks embedded in gold and all!

Have a happy, healthy and stylish pregnancy, mama!

Top image courtesy of Martice Milton Photography, all other images courtesy of Sabrina Sikora Photography.
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