Not So Basic After all.


Eloise Shirt Dress: ℅ Alex Black (buy it here); Flannel Shirt: ℅ Polo by Ralph Lauren ; Hat: ℅ Free People ; Bag: Vintage Dooney & Bourke ; Shoes: Nine West; Socks: H&M ; Bracelets: Navy/ Gold- Callixto ; Lipstick: Ultra ℅ Dolce & Gabbana Beauty


Just this past week I set up a new studio in Chai Wan. You are now looking at the proud new director of First Wife Studios, Ltd! The space is something I have always dreamed of and I am running wild getting all the odds and ends and racks and clamps to make it just right. What do I wear to run up and down this island? My Alex Black Collection Eloise shirt dress! I’ve been dashing all over town and this has kept me super comfy as the errands are ticked off the list. Not pictured is the oversize olive anorak that has been keeping me warm when on the go! The next time I wear this dress it will most likely be with some above the knee socks and my black leather jacket. That cold air keeps on blowing so I’ll just add more layers and be off again! With that said, the studio is now open so if you are in need of head shots or family images then just let me know! All I want to do is shoot, shoot, and shoot some more!

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I’m Getting Grungier in My Old Age.

Sabrina Sikora by sabrina Sikora photography

Shirt: ℅ Polo by Ralph Lauren (buy it here) ; Skirt: Asos ; Bag: Mulberry ; Boots: Nine West ; Socks: H&M ; Skull: Brands; Bracelets: Callixto, Hermes, Cartier, Vintage ; Rings: Son Ihn Kim available at The9thMuse, Citrine by The Stones ; Snood: ℅ Free People


Ok so I’m not officially old but I am older than I previously was so that counts. What is “officially” old anyway? I’m pretty sure I will still be acting as ridiculous as ever way up into my 90’s, God willing! No matter how old is old I’m dressed a lot like I did when I was about nine and flannel was THE thing. Thankfully, I have left the boxer shorts and combat boots that I used to wear with said flannel behind opting for a leather pencil and a comfy leopard bootie instead. I think it may be having a kid that is making me dress more youthful. Who doesn’t love to hear, “YOU have a KID?!”. It used to drive me nuts when people thought my mom was my sister (cue mom lighting up like a Christmas tree) but if someone said that to me in a few years once the kiddo gets some height on him (and learns how to walk) then I’ll be the one getting all giddy. I’m sure he will hate it just as much as I did. But honestly, isn’t the threat of being embarrassed by your parents half the fun of growing up? I can’t wait to give him big bear hugs out in front of his school when he’s like 15 in front of all of his friends. And I’ll probably be dressed in leopard print and rhinestones when the PDA occurs only adding to the scars of adolescence. Go mom!

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Kick Up Your Heels! It’s Almost 2015!

sabrina sikora by sabrina sikora photography

Black Silk Shirt: ℅ Vaughan (buy it here) ; Skirt: Asos ; Shoes: Fendi (buy them here) ; Bag: ℅ Danielle Nicole (buy similar here) ; Earrings: J. Crew from Caty Jewelry; Bracelet: Caty Jewelry ; Ring: Gift from my grandma!


Sure sure this is a belated outfit post but seeing that it is a simple black and white combo I’m declaring its timeless status and putting it up now for New Years! How are your holidays treating you? All is going well around here. I spent the first few weeks of December in Georgia and Vermont with the family cooking and eating and trying to get some sleep though my nine month old son had his own opinions about what an appropriate amount of sleep was. Funny how drastically my opinion differs from his. No matter how much or little shut eye I seem to get I keep trucking along and enjoying day after day of seeing his little face light up for friends and family and avocados. This was seriously the best Christmas as Santa returned to our house and filled the tree and stockings with goodies for my sweet boy. He liked the wrapping paper and fireplaces more than any actual gift but that’s alright with me so long as none of the above gets ingested. Now we are back in the Kong and back to work (kind of …it’s still the holidays!). I’m busy clearing out missed emails and setting up fun projects for the 2015. Keep an eye out here for more goodies soon. Until then make the most of what is left of 2014 and have a fun start to 2015!




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Young and Fun with Carte Collective


Crop Top: ℅ Carte Collective ($99); Skirt: ℅ Marks and Spencer ; Scarf Turban: Vintage Celine ; Glasses: Select 18 ; Necklace: Edge of Ember ; Shoes: Jessica Simpson ; Bag: gift ; Geode Cuff: ℅ Marie France Van Damme


New on the HK style scene is the on-trend Carte Collective. The collection is small but the style is big! From crop tops to lace mini qipaos you can find something cool to spice up your wardrobe. I snagged three pieces to give a go around town- the Midnight black crop top, the Elixir black and white striped dress, and the Wanderlust red lace dress- and was very impressed with the cut and quality especially for the price points!



Dress: ℅ Carte Collective ($349): Denim Shirt: Zara ; Bag: ℅ Danielle Nicole ; Boots: ℅ Marks and Spencer ; Hat: ℅ Helen Kaminski


Size wise I first opted for a medium (I am a US6) and then traded up as the fit was good width-wise but was too short for my preference. After I got the large (shown here) I then felt confident to take the looks for a spin around town! It still felt better to wear little shorts underneath as I am new to the mini scene. I figure I better wear minis now as I am only getting older so …. flaunt it while you got it?!?


Dress: ℅ Carte Collective ($549); Belt: ℅ Armani Exchange ; Shoes: Nine West ; Bag: Vintage


All the items featured on Carte Collective are perfect for a night out in LKF but styled another way (hello denim shirt and boots!) and you can wear many of them for the day time too. I would love to pair the crop top with a pair of high waisted palazzo pants and an oversize blazer (If that happens I’ll be sure to post pics!). This is a brand that will surely get you noticed so be sure to have the confidence turned high when you don it! I, for one, did a few extra squats before stepping out on the town and now have the motivation I need to keep at them because I intend on wearing my Carte Collective pieces a whole lot more!

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Perfect Your Winter Layering with Jack Wills and Ugg!

Winter in Hong Kong is by far my favourite time of the year. The sun comes out and the skies are blue, and it is finally cool enough to walk everywhere without the fear of sweating through your outfit! You can finally rock some layers and maybe even pull out that new blanket coat spotted all over Pinterest. With all this newfound vigour, I popped by Jack Wills in the hopes of styling a few looks perfect for our cooler weather… and was overly thrilled with the selection! I even managed to snag a few very cool Ugg boots to pair with the looks. Take a peek below at some casual layered looks to take you through the months ahead.


Jacket, Sweater, Shirt, Pants: Jack Wills ; Belt: Club Monaco ; Hat: Vintage ; Boots: Ugg “Scarlett” in Chestnut ($2,300)

We really need more venues with fireplaces to curl up next to, but this will work equally as well for curling up with a mug of hot cocoa at Classified! The shades of evergreen, eggplant, and mustard offer up visions of fall leaves, even if all the trees around us still boast full foliage. We start with a sleeveless blouse with a pussy bow front – but this would be far too freezing to wear alone, so we welcome layer number two! The comfy cream knit will take the chill off, whether be it air con related or au natural. My favourite piece from this look is the quilted coat with buckle detailing at the collar. This is an item that you will grab year after year and pair with every shade of the autumnal rainbow. How classic would it look with a navy jumper underneath?

Keep your toes nice and toasty with shearling lined Ugg boots. Yes, Ugg still has a huge following for their classic boot (a la Paris Hilton c.2002), but they have really brought the collection forward with this new range. The booties are far more streamlined and flattering on the foot than previous collections. Don’t worry though, the new styles still offer the same warmth and comfort that stay true to the brands heritage.


Jacket, Cardigan, Shirt, Skirt: Jack Wills ; Loafers: Ugg “Meena II” in Chesnut ; Hat: Free People available at LAB Concept ; Bag: Vintage Dooney & Bourke

Wearing layers doesn’t mean that you have to be covered up from neck to knees. Here is an example of how you can stay warm by utilising layers but still show a little skin. This adorable plaid mini (did you see my Trend Watch on plaid here?) is perfect for the everyday running around when paired with a graphic tied up t-shirt and basic cardigan. Throw on a dressed up moto jacket over the shoulders for a relaxed vibe and if the temps really take a dip then just slip your arms in and you are ready to go! Paired with a distressed vintage Dooney & Bourke bag(thank you eBay!) and these laid back moccasins, I can dash from one to-do to the next with ease!


Jacket, Dress, Shirt: Jack Wills ; Boots: Ugg “Marela” ; Hat: Marks & Spencer ; “Get Wild” Book Clutch: PennyBlack (HK$980)

Here’s a layered look for a chill dinner out. Wearing white in winter recently went from being a no-no to an oh yes! This white short-sleeved lace dress will wear beautifully in the spring and summer months with a gold sandal and high ponytail, but that’s not what we are after here. I’m going to show you how to wear this number year round! After all, we are Sassy girls, and that means knowing how to get the most bang for your buck!

So take your sweet little dress and add a 90s inspired flannel around the waist (is that a nod to the crispy Seattle weather or are you just staying warm in front of the refrigerator?!). Now top it with the perfect olive anorak. If you haven’t yet bought an olive coat, then I suggest you stop reading this post and head to Jack Wills pronto, as this is one FW staple you simply must own! It will seriously go with everything and add a bit of an urban grunge look to even the chicest outfits, making you feel instantly younger and cooler. To add even more texture and pattern (why not layer those too?) I opt for a leopard beret and this limited edition PennyBlack book clutch. Be sure to take full advantage of the cooler temps by walking to your dinner of choice. That is super easy to do when your boots are this easy to trek in! These Marela boots by Ugg will look equally at home be it with a little lace dress or jeans and a jumper.


Coat, Shirt, Sweater, Shorts: Jack Wills; Boots: Ugg Darling Harness in Black (HK$1900) ; Hat: H&M; Bag: Danielle Nicole available at The9thMuse

Last up on our layered look list is this dark, prepster number which Gossip Girl fans everywhere can embrace thanks to the Serena-approved floppy hat and Blaire-worthy plaids! The classic button down and sweater combo is made cooler with the help of the itty-bitty tartan shorts. I suggest wearing these with thick black tights, not only for the purpose of winterising the look but also to add some modesty to their short-short status. A shrunken plaid pea coat will bring it all together and help you mix prints like a pro. Add a glam vibe with this Danielle Nicole clutch, which is the perfect size to hold all your essentials and take form day to night. These bags are super chic and very affordable as well! The silver hardware on the bag brings out the studs on the harness boots from Ugg, tying the look together.

DSCF8462.1webPrimer: Silk Priming Serum Base by Gucci ; Foundation: Lustrous Glow Foundation with SPF 25 in shade 040 by Gucci; Concealor: Prep + Prime by MAC; Blush: Beach Bomb Deniliss Blush by Terry; Bronzer: Sun Power Mineralize Skin Finish by MAC; Eye Shadow: Perfect Mono in Dahlia 100 by Dolce & Gabbana; Eye Liner: Eye Powder-Kajal in Intense Oriental Kohl by Terry; Brow Filler: Brow Duo in Brunette by MAC; Mascara: Dolce & Gabbana; Lipstick: Ultra by Dolce & Gabbana; All products applied with FaceTools

DSC_0471.1webIt’s not only our clothing that gets a makeover this time of year. You should also look to switch up your make up colour palette and add in richer, darker hues. I love this deep purple Dolce & Gabbana shadow as it is velvety smooth to apply and lasts the whole day through. The rich smoky charcoal liner from Terry does a beautiful job of creating a smoky lash line with little effort. To keep from looking too pale, contour your cheeks with a bit of bronzer from Mac and then add a rosy shade to the apples of your cheeks for that “I’ve been frolicking out in the snow” flush. My bag is packed with crazy bright lip shades of orange and pink and red though summer, but now I switch over to deeper tints that can stand up to my darker wardrobe. D&G’s Ultra is a wine soaked hue that will go with almost any look you sport. If you are feeling more daring, try out plum, raisin, and smoky browns on your lips this season as well.

Now when you see the mercury dip you know that you can reach for piece after piece in your wardrobe to layer with ease. Try a tip from Sassy That Girl Geneva and opt for only three colours in an outfit. That will give you enough range to get tone and texture variance, but keep you from looking like you just put on everything you own! Stay warm out there you Sassy ladies!

Jack Wills, Leighton Centre, 77 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, 3105 1798, locations in Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui and Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong. 

UGG, 2 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay, 2893 1338,

Read this and more at Sassy Hong Kong! 

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Rain Rain Don’t Go Away…I Have a Stutterheim!


Weather here in Hong Kong leaves much to be desired. Perhaps the two nicest things that I can say about it are firstly, I’m glad I don’t have to deal with snow. Secondly, it provides constant small talk fodder for the escalator/elevator/bus stop/what-have-you slog as you’ll always has something to say. We’ve written an array of columns about how to deal with the heat, the cold, your hair, and even styled a shoot or two for trekking it in the rain. Now however, I bring you my favourite piece of advice for making it around Hong Kong during the constant drizzle, black rainstorms and T8s that always creep up. The answer is Stutterheim.


Before I delve into the glory of this cool raincoat company, I must first tell you these coats have protected the backs of music gods Jay Z, Kanye, and even Lorde (who was recently here in Hong Kong playing the Pradasphere launch), so they really don’t need a grand introduction. Nevertheless, I stopped by the showroom to see these coats first hand and learn a bit more about why they are the top pick among these musical heavy hitters and why these coats are a good fit for the ‘Kong.

stutterheim-collageAlexander Stutterheim founded the brand only recently, but it is based on a very old idea. His grandfather was a fisherman and would brave the weather day after day for his catch. He donned a large tent-like raincoat that protected him from the elements. One day, many years later, Alexander discovered the coat and all the memories of his childhood flooded back… He was inspired to take the jacket and make a new version fit for today’s modern look. What started as a pattern on his floor soon turned to a small factory that could hand make the coats on an as-needed basis. Soon, the rubberised cotton cloth coat was born! All the seams are taped and sealed, and each coat is signed and numbered by the seamstress that created the garment. Coats are available either in the pop-up here in Hong Kong, or if you need a different size a new coat will be produced back in Sweden!


After getting the lowdown on the brand and the history, I then made it my mission to try on every coat I could! First, I slipped into the classic version ($2,850), then the cape style ($2,850) and finally I tried out the long variety($3,050), which happened to be my favourite…


I immediately placed an order for a black and white long coat and within a few weeks I received a call that it was ready for pick up. While waiting for my coat to arrive, I crossed my fingers day after day that the rain would hold off. Now that the coat is in my possession, it seems that there’s just far too much sun for my liking!


The coats are available in a host of colours including a lovely Sassy pink for spring! The SS15 collection is available for pre-order now though it won’t arrive until January. Size wise, the coats run big. This is great because you can layer them over blazers or sweaters and still feel comfortable.


The hoods have two seams running along the top so that the material falls at an angle around your face without blocking your vision, like a coat with a single seam down the centre would.

Screen-Shot-2014-11-28-at-3.18.54-PMThe sleeves are nice and long ensuring that whatever you wear underneath stays dry. I love my coat with extra length because I can even wear a pencil skirt and not fret about water soaking the bottom half of my outfit. It’s below my knees… and I am 6 foot tall!


Another plus is the jackets are unisex, so you can say that you are buying it for your bf then “borrow” it every time it rains! The capes are a great alternative if you ride a bike (I’m talking to you Lamma islanders) as the shape drapes over everything, from handlebars to hips, keeping you protected while pedaling.


Stutterheim is hosting a pop-up that is on now through the month of December at PMQ. There you can try on the coats in a range of colours, prints, and sizes, and if they have what you want you can buy it on the spot or you can order exactly what you want if you don’t see it on the racks. While there, be sure to check out the great guy gifts from Skultana and the masculine furnishings from Timothy Oulton. The Stutterheim raincoat is one item that should be firmly planted on your holiday wish must-get list! You will wish for downpours only so that you can toss on your Stutterheim and hope to bring up the brand in the elevator conversation. Rain, we are ready for you!

Stockholm Limited will sell present three brands during a Pop-Up shop in PMQ, for one month (Nov 25-Dec 25). Store S207 in PMQ!

All photos in this article were taken by the highly talented Michelle Proctor!

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Ralph Lauren Launches Polo for Women in HK


I have long been a fan of the Ralph Lauren brand. As an American, it’s hard not to be! He has an incredible ability to take our heritage and reinterpret it to be worn in a modern way. From the early days with cowboy fringe and Native American prints, to the more refined creations reflecting the grace and elegance of the Gatsby-esque 20s, he manages to create collection after collection of stunning and yet very wearable pieces. And now he has done it again with the latest RL offering Polo for Women


The line is made of three different feels reflecting three very different ladies. The first that you will see when you walk in the shop is the “Downtown Girl”. This is a girl who struts down the streets of NY’s Soho after summering in Europe… She mixes American elements with those found abroad, and ends up wearing a lot of black but with texture, so there is still visual interest to her look. She loves leggings or thigh high socks and tops her look off with a beret! She opts for a pop of high intensity colour rather than a slew of prints. There is a moderate dash of prepster to her look, with a smattering of plaid pieces and a crest here or there.


Take a right and you will land in the “Romantic Rebel” section of the store. This is for the girl that mixes masculine and feminine into one look. She will take a flowing floral dress and toss on a tweed blazer or distressed vintage inspired leather and a shearling vest on top. She ends up having a bit of a grunge vibe, but still looks quite put together and, of course, effortlessly cool. Feel free to work the layers with this look and mix retro and rocker to come up with a look that is distinctly your own!


Around to the left you will fine a range of very outdoorsy and rugged pieces called the “Chic Americana” collection. I was instantly drawn to this section of the store as I could picture myself wrapped in the chunky knits anddistressed jeans sitting by the fireside making smores! The jackets ranged from a quilted meets Buffalo plaid, to cowboy fringe, to a parka with a removable faux fur lining and hood- a jacket for every season. I loved the easy to wear red flannel shirt with the suede shoulder patch. It was incredibly soft and could be layered easily for HK’s fickle temps. Now I just need to find a campfire in HK…

This is a line that I can see myself shopping again and again. The trends that are featured are done in a simple way, allowing you to wear a piece for years and years to come. Leather vests, tweed blazers, fringe jackets are classics that can be styled a million different ways and brought back time and again. The fabrics are hearty and durable and the craftsmanship stays true to the RL brand. Be sure to pop in and try on this new line and see what girl you most relate to! The 20,000 square foot Ralph Lauren flagship just opened at Lee Gardens in Causeway Bay and not only carries the Polo line, but also the Ralph Lauren Collection, Purple Label and Black Label, along with loads of accessories and bags.

Ralph Lauren, RLC HK Lee Gardens, Shops no. 210-212, 2/F, Lee Gardens Two, 28 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 2577 9011,

Read this and more at Sassy Hong Kong   ! 

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Win Win with 40% off at Aly & Rachelle and Pretty Dangerous while Supporting a KELY, a Local Charity!


You may have seen me wearing this Aly& Rachelle dress recently on the blog. Now you can score selected pieces from her range for 40% off and support local HK charity KELY.  KELY is a local youth group which offers services for drug and alcohol prevention in both Canto and English. To help this group Aly & Rachelle, along with Pretty Dangerous, are selling pieces at a reduced price. Do some good and get yourself a treat in the process. You can also walk away with a specially designed Youth Has No Age tote bag too!

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All Wrapped Up in Aly & Rachelle

sabrina sikora by sabrina sikora photography

Dress: ℅ Aly & Rachelle (buy it here); Jacket: BCBG ; Bag: Kate Spade ; Shoes: Nine West ; Rings: Double Finger Chain Ring ℅ Monica1st (buy it here) , Gold and Rhinestone Benetar Ring: The9thMuse (Buy it here); Earrings: ℅ Lulu Frost (buy similar here)

I’m like a fanatic cat when it comes to tassels. I can’t pass buy them without giving them a little flick with my giant paws or a full blown try on sesh. Tassel jewelry abounds in my cabinet and I even tried to talk you into some here! Well, now my obsession has crept onto my clothes with this SS14 Aly & Rachelle dress. I even had strangers batting a my hemline! This silk dress is pure bliss as it is just as comfy as it is cute. The wrap style top has a snap closure at the bust so you don’t show too much and only the tassels blow in the breeze (instead of your whole skirt) as the bottom abandons the wrap fit and is more like a skirt with a scarf overlay. The layered look is big for this brands latest FW14 collection as well with some uber cool dresses with an attached faux shirt tied around the waist!


How cool are these dresses?!?!

The brand is based on the idea of a sweet of twins- Aly is the older sexier edgier twin and Rachelle is the sweeter girlier sis. Designer Christine Lam who studied at Central Saint Martins is the brain behind this brand. She returned to Hong Kong and got right to work crafting the line and setting up shop. The label now boasts a flagship location in the hottest new spot in town, PMQ. Be sure to stop in the shop and try on the latest collection which is a perfect fit for the girl who wants to look street chic cool with minimal effort. You can also pick up some locally designed accessories by Nomera and an edgy assortment from Pretty Dangerous.

Here are a few of my other favorites from the AW14 collection.

   10727372_1544353339114514_1599458273_n10727598_434417773356578_812316690_n10727267_341583016028386_1983578200_n 10706634_790319794374312_935616330_n 923798_825432290810734_1621401753_n10724605_289218364608795_421045527_n

Aly & Rachelle

Unit S411, Block A, PMQ,
35 Aberdeen Road, Central,
Hong Kong.

Opening Hour:
Tuesday to Sunday: 1:00pm – 8:00pm (Closed every Monday)

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Sassy’s Super Styler: Coco Rocha by Sabrina Sikora Photography

Coco Rocha by Sabrina Sikora Photography

When I got the call that I would be shooting Coco Rocha on her trip to Hong Kong for the Mary Kay One Woman Can contest I was beyond thrilled. I tried to contain myself as things are never confirmed until the shoot is wrapped and the images are stored on multiple devices. Even then I have still had shoots cancelled as I was standing at the site camera in hand,  images not published, and stories pulled so it is best to treat it as a 50/50 chance until the final piece is published. It started to seem more real as Sassy editor, Lauren, and I sat out side in the hall at the Mira Hotel. As Lauren reviewed and revised her questions (read the full interview here) I did a mental checklist of how I wanted to shoot and what I wanted to say to Coco to get what I needed. In the end all I really needed to say was “Go!” and she was off moving and changing her expressions faster than my light and camera could handle! She was a delight to shoot and completely down to earth. We chatted babies and Chinese confinement and I told her some of my fave HK shopping spots. She even signed my Vogue Models coffee table book. Be sure to pick up her new book Study of Pose which is a 1,000 page beast which show just about ever pose that exists- a must for all new models and model hopefuls! You can pre-order the book here. Thank you Coco for a fabulous shoot and for being just as lovely on the inside as you are on the out!

Coco Rocha by Sabrina Sikora Photography  Coco Rocha by Sabrina Sikora Photography Coco Rocha by Sabrina Sikora PhotographyCoco Rocha by Sabrina Sikora PhotographyCoco Rocha by Sabrina Sikora Photography Coco Rocha by Sabrina Sikora Photography  Coco Rocha by Sabrina Sikora PhotographyCoco Rocha by Sabrina Sikora Photography

All photos by Sabrina Sikora Photography.

Big thanks to Plug for arranging the interview!

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