How to Wear Color for Work- Warm Weather Edition

Trekking to and fro the offices can be a gruelling task in the full throws of Hong Kong summer heat! Here to help, I have rounded up a few brands and looks to help you make your journey to the office and to the top a bit more fashionable. I have avoided the typical all black shift dress and brought you a range of colourful options fit for these bright warm weather months that always seem to be upon us. From local labels to the big brands we have you sorted for what to wear to work!



New on the HK scene is designer Alex Black. Her capsule collection of go-to shirtdresses will have you out the door in a blink. The cotton fabrics with French stitching are all top notch and each piece has been meticulously evaluated to make sure you are getting the most well-crafted piece. These frocks are easy to dress up or down and price in starting at around $1,500 and stocked at all Inside stores. Here we take the look to work with a nude pump and belt and a sturdy satchel that adds a pop of color. Slip on a few classic accessories like these Maiyet earrings and this Michael Kors bracelet and Burberry watch combo for timeless elegance. This is a look that will look as good today as it will 15 years from now!


Another new brand to hit the HK shopping scene is Jaleo. This reasonably priced line is perfect for loose cozy dresses and easy to coordinate separates. Dresses are typically under $1,000 and separates start at around $400. Here the Crazy dress is paired with a few pale pink accessories and an arm party made of mixed stones and metals. The Nicholas Kirkwood pumps can be worn with loads of office outfit creations but work beautifully here to up the professionalism of this look. A hearty satchel is far more glam for holding tablets and documents than a beat ol’ briefcase. Slip this personalised leather case available from Boticca inside to protect your iPad and your ideas!


If you really wants something that fits you to a T then the choice is clear – go custom! Isabella Wren offers 3-D body scanning so every measurement is taken into account when creating your one off piece. You can build the perfect matching shift and coat or get creative and buy a range of separates to coordinate several ways. The options are endless! There are loads of samples on hand for you to try on and get an idea of the fit and style you like. You can even purchase custom shoes to match. Now no matter your size or shape you have no excuses for not having a well-fitted suit!


You may have spotted this brand on our 50 Top Local HK Designers piece (and there is good reason why!). Local label TWS is back for another season of splendor offering a range of pastel beauties sure to inspire your weekday routine. These looks are from the FW14 line and are available both in store at Roo Market on Elgin Street and online via Shop des Createurs. It is so nice to see office attire that is not black, grey, or navy. Go on and try out a bit of colour and see if your mood doesn’t improve right along with your wardrobe!


Here we incorporate those pastel shades with some of the big brands (and big prints!) that we all know and love. The boldness of this M&S skirt is mellowed out by the ease of the Zara top perfect for a fun take on Friday office attire. Add some pizzazz with these spotted Gianvitto Rossi pumps and a bright McQueen blackberry holder. The Chanel shopping tote is really the only bag you need, so start saving up now! This is an investment piece that only gets better with age. A piece that is easy to snatch up now is this simple gold hoop necklace from Mango. With everyone always on their smartphone and/or tablet why not pull out a stack of quirky notebooks to jot down ideas the old school way?! Those endless meetings just got a bit more interesting thanks to you!


Hope this helps to brighten up your spirits and your office environment! There is plenty of time for the dark duds come autumn and winter so why not wear those sunny shades now? With the help of a few local labels and the big brands you can refresh your day to day. Now go get ‘em!


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Sabrina’s Style- Are You For Scuba? And the One in Two Out Rule

Sabrina Sikora by Sabrina Sikora Photography

Top: Zara; Skirt: Asos ; Shoes: Nine West ; Bag: From a little boutique in Georgia. I bought it in 2001 I think. Short Necklace: Callixto ; Long Skull Necklace: Brands on Hollywood Road


That’s right… this skirt is made of scuba material aka neoprene and it makes me so very happy! It is my favorite color and is a pencil skirt which, I love AND it has a trumpet hem! I just can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was when I saw it on the Asos sale for an absurdly affordable price. Yes I can. I was so excited that I bought it in this shade, white, and baby blue though all in different fabrics (pics coming soon). Of course with the one in two out rule still heavily in effect it means that six (yes six!!!) of my skirts have to go! Ugh! So this weekend I will be shuffling through the wardrobe looking for those aged beauties whose time is up. Same goes for my necklaces as these two are both new so four are on the way out. Keep an eye out at Hardly Worn It for the pieces! This has been a great rule to have as my closet was bursting at the seams. I cleared it a good bit before baby arrived and this has kept me on point. Once you get back into your clothes and you see just how impractical your previous wardrobe actually is for kids you want to go shopping. Plus, the fact that you were toting an extra 20+ pounds around for the previous nine months means that shopping is now fun again! This is one of the few New Years resolutions that I have actually managed to keep up with and I think I may reinstate it come 2015. We will see how it goes once I have a go at those post- Christmas sales!

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The Flaunt I Want…Mules!

 As always, I will never recommend anything to you that

I wouldn’t want myself or recommend to a friend!


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Get Wild with Pennyblack!


Every wardrobe deserves to have a little fun! That’s why I headed over to the Pennyblack shop at Harbour City last week. I raided the racks to have a peek at the new fall collection and was blown away by how fantastically fun and wearable it is. Color abounded and prints projected off the fabrics! If you have ever seen a post on this blog then you know that this would make it my kind of shop. The clean cuts in fun prints were easy to mix and match and I found myself flitting from rack to rack doing just that. I wanted to try on a look so I opted for the brilliant orange Ancona mohair coat over a leopard and plaid sweater with the basic button down underneath. Because there was so much volume on top I chose the shorter Gemma skirt to show off the gams. I love the prep girl vibe off this look and this limited edition book clutch goes with it perfectly! Doesn’t it make me look smarter?!


The limited “Get Wild” collection is in stores now and features three adorable prints including a wolf, a fox, and this owl shown here. Sorry USA this clutch is only available for us China trendsetters. The prints appear on sweaters, totes, and clutches alike but the book clutch was by far my fave (HK$980)! No matter what look you sport you will feel a bit more whimsical toting this bag around. It’s like carrying a fairy tale with you on your day to day. I was surprised with how much it held as well and was able to get all my basics neatly inside along with a bulky portable iPhone charger (a must have for a blogger). The lining is super cute too and features the little critters face again and again inside. I found myself opening it up not to get anything out but to just peer in!


This book (pause) bag makes the perfect gift for anyone that likes a little break from the basic and wants to carry a little fun around. And the best part (aside from having a new bag) is that when you are not using it it won’t clog up your closet… you can just store it on the bookshelf and hide your treasures in it!


Go on and get a little wild this winter with Pennyblack!



Shop LG118, Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong 2722.9621

Shop 2206, level 2, Gateway Arcade, TST 2722.9622

Shop 18, Level 1, Sogo Dept Store, Causeway Bay 2722.9624

Shop 322, Level 3, New Town Plaza, Phase 1, Shatin 2722.9623

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Sabrina’s Style- The S.Nine Dress that Trumps Them All!

Sabrina Sikora by Sabrina Sikora Photography

Dress: S. Nine; Shoes: Fendi; Bag: ℅ Robert Clergerie; Ring: Alexis Bittar ; Watch and Bracelet: Cartier


Designer Susanna Soo knocked it out of the park with this dress. I first spied it when I stopped in a while back to write and photograph her latest collection for Sassy HK. I tried it on and lusted after it but knew that a long white dress has few places to go to if the alter has already appeared on your been there done that list. Renewal of vows, perhaps?! I buried it deep in the back of the mind and deep on my wish list. Then the gods answered. A sample sale? Why yes, I was free that Monday eve to have a private party with the girls and lots of champagne. I left with this black dress that I wore on my 30th surprise party and with this heavenly creation seen above! Susanna’s designs have a way of making you feel like an instant bombshell! It could be the wrap shape, or the draping, or maybe it is the fact that this gown sports a built in cape (Hello Fabulous Superhero!)  but I think it comes in knowing that you are wearing something made by someone who knows women’s shapes and knows that women want. I want to be comfortable yet glamorous. I want to be trendy yet practical (there are pockets!). I want to make my better half’s jaw drop when I walk into the bar to meet him for drinks pre-dinner but know that the women in the bar also appreciate the look as well (it’s a girl thing. We dress for ourselves and other women, mostly.). This dress made its grand debut on our five year wedding anniversary where we had drinks at Blue Bar then dinner at Caprice at the Four Seasons (seriously one of the best meals I have ever had. The service is above and beyond and don’t even get me started on the cheese!). It accomplished all of the things that I wanted from it and I may have been so excited to show it off that I asked for a tour of the kitchen and the cheese room just to take it for one more spin around the floor. If only dancing had been a part of the evening…. well, there is always our six year anniversary!

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Sabrina’s Style- Channeling an Artsy Tourist

sabrina by sabrina sikora photography

Top: Zara; Pants: Michael Kors; Turban: Vintage; Bag: Mulberry; Shoes: Spanish Shoes HK; Camera: Fuji x100s; Rings: BCBG, ManiaMania ℅ Shopbop, Earrings: Caty on Caine Road


For those days when you have a lot of running around up and down very big hills and the usage of very big heels is not recommended this is the look of choice. Navy pants that I may soon sleep in (given the lack of sleep caused by my seven month old that is a very real possibility) and a flowy white top that I will surely spill my decaf latte on combine to form one hell of a comfy ensemble. There are days for dressing up and wearing make up and fixing your hair and then there are those days when your kid has been screaming at you most of the night prior and you just can’t get it together or have the mental capacity to actually want to get yourself together. Instead of running around town in sweatpants and a college t shirt with a messy topknot (ok, the topknot is blogger approved and  still exists) I opt for cozy chic.  You can walk into a high end shop and still feel like you moderately belong but could also pull up a stool at the boho tea shop down the alley and fit right in (mostly thanks to the turban which is covering my fairly wet hair). A swipe of  a bright red lip (Dolce & Gabbana Scarlett, please!) and a coating of Dolce & Gabbana mascara and I’m set to go. I even managed to put on an earring! Of course, that could be because I keep a smattering of accessories in my purse for glamming on the go. I feel like I am the only girl in the world who doesn’t have a make up touch up kit but a jewelry one instead. Perhaps it is the Southern in me but I just can’t leave the house without a little something on my face and a few sparkles on my digits! Go Dawgs!

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The Flaunt I Want… White for Winter!

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Sassy That Girl: Natasha Sajnani, Founder of Facetools shot by me



Meet the gorgeous Natasha, founder of the super glam and high quality make up brush line Facetools. I had the joy of shooting this beauty a few weeks ago for Sassy Hong Kong and had a blast on set! In between chatting about celeb gossip, make up tricks, and shopping scores we managed to snap a few pics. Check out the full That Girl interview to learn more about the Queen of Glam here!






DSC_0264.1web   DSC_0999.1web



DSC_0851.1web DSC_0680.1web

All photos by Sabrina Sikora Photography.

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The Flaunt I Want… Gold Cuffs!

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Sabrina’s Style- The Cool Blue Suit


Suit, Tank: Zara ; Bag: Vintage Celine ; Shoes: Sam Edelman ; Rings: Alexander McQueen ℅ Net-a-Porter and ManiaMania ℅ Shopbop ; Necklace: ManiaMania ℅ Shopbop


This blue suit is the end all be all for me. One- it’s blue which is my favorite color. Two- it’s comfy as hell so I don’t have to think about sucking in or standing up straight or if some strap or thread or what have you is poking out. Three- it is just plain cool! I don’t work in an industry where I am expected to wear a suit so donning one is a treat. If I had to wear “work” clothes all the time I probably wouldn’t have been so excited when I saw this on the rack. Then again if I was to wear suits day in and day out I would make sure they were as chill as this. This one actually looks better with a bit of slouching and an “I don’t care” vibe which probably would’t get you very far in the boardroom but I wore this to dinner so it’s another tale entirely. This is my first purchase of the sorts and I can guarantee it won’t be the last. Have you tried out a suited look?

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